Mexican Tile and Copper Sinks

Fine Crafts & Imports Arts & Crafts Price Warranty

At Fine Crafts & Imports, we are confident that our prices are competitive in the current arts & crafts market for:

  Hammered Copper Vases
  Hammered Art in Copper
  Polished Copper Vases
  Etched Silver & Copper Vases
  Silver Black-Finish Copper Vases
  Hammered Patina Copper Vases
  Hammered Copper Bowls
  Solid Copper Sculptures
  Hammered Copper Plates
  Coined Patina Copper Vases
  Copper Candlesticks
  Hammered Copper Trays
  Hammered Copper Pots
  Hammered Copper Pitchers
  Copper Milk Bottles
  Copper Wine Coolers
  Mexican Tin & Talavera Mirrors
  Restaurant & Home Tablecloths
  Talavera Ceramic Flower Vases
  Talavera Ceramic Sinks
  Talavera Ceramic Pots
  Soap Dishes and Containers
  Ceramic Garden Planters
  Ceramic Candle Holders
  Ceramic Outlet Switch
  Talavera Ceramic Lizards & Iguanas
  Talavera Sun Faces
  Handpainted Tile House Numbers
  Talavera Ceramic Tile
  Toothbrush Holders

Because of that confidence, we have made a commitment to you, our customer:

"If any of our arts & crafts products or very similar products are found advertised in the US online market at a cheaper price, we will honor that price and will give you an extra 5% off as a reward for your effort."

Because all of our handmade arts & crafts are hard (if not impossible) to reproduce exactly, we have set a few guidelines to decide when a product selling online is comparable with one in our website, they are:

  Mexican Tin & Talavera Mirrors. They should look similar in design and be tin made. The dimensions have to be approximately within 1/3" and the weight approximately within a 2 ounces margin of difference.

  Hammered Copper Vases. The following applies to any copper vase: natural finished, polished, etched, patina and art in copper. They should look similar (same shape). Technique and finish should be obviously the same. Height, weight and size must be very similar; the tolerance in size and/or weight is 1/4" and 2 ounces in weight. The copper sheet gauge must be the same with a tolerance of 1/10".

  Talavera Ceramic Flower Vases. Since these vases are handpainted, it is almost impossible to find two of them the same. To be considered equal for the purpose of this commitment, the two vases have to be very similar in shape, size and weight. The tolerance for these features is: Weight within 2 ounces and dimensions (height, diameter, width and length) within 1/2".

  Hammered Copper Plates. All our plates are hammered and handmade. The most important requirement to consider a plate the same is its size. However, design and copper sheet gauge are also important. The tolerance in the diameter is 1/4" and the sheet gauge 1/10".

  Restaurant & Home Tablecloths. For two tablecloths to be considered the same, the dimensions and material used must be the same. The color does not matter as far as is Made in Mexico.

  Hammered Copper Pots. In order for a copper pot claim similarity, it must weight the same within a margin of 4 ounces, have a about the same size, be the same shape and copper finish. The copper sheet gauge must be within 1/10" of tolerance.

For the rest of the ceramics: Talavera Ceramic Sinks, Talavera Ceramic Pots, Soap Dishes and Containers, Ceramic Garden Planters, Ceramic Candle Holders, Ceramic Outlet Switch, Talavera Ceramic Lizards & Iguanas, Talavera Sun Faces, Handpainted Tile House Numbers, Talavera Ceramic Tile, and Toothbrush Holders, the rules for the Talavera ceramic flower vases apply.

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