Mexican Talavera Tile, hammered copper sinks

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Main Product Categories

Day Of The Dead Clay Tiles
Art Copper
Bathroom Copper Sinks
Bathroom Sink Faucets
Bathtub Drains
Black Copper Vases
Carved Wood Masks
Carved Wood Sunfaces
Clay Talavera Trims
Coined Copper Vases
Copper Bathtubs
Copper Bowls
Copper Candlesticks
Copper Milk Bottles
Copper Pans
Copper Pitchers
Copper Plates
Copper Sculptures
Copper Switch Plates
Copper Trays
Copper Vases
Copper Wine Coolers
Glass Vessel Basins
Hammered Copper Mirrors
Hammered Copper Pots
Hammered Copper Sunfaces
Hammered Copper Tables
Hammered Copper Tiles
Hand-painted Copper Vases
Kitchen Copper Sinks
Kitchen Sink Faucets
Kitchen Sink Strainers
Lavatory Drains
Mexican Tablecloths
Oil Paintings
Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathtub Faucets
Patina Hammered Copper Vases
Polished Copper Vases
Saltillo Clay Tiles
Shower Drain Grids
Shower Heads
Silver Copper Vases
Talavera Ceramic Bathroom Sets
Talavera Ceramic Butterflies
Talavera Ceramic Candle Holders
Talavera Ceramic Frogs
Talavera Ceramic House Plaques
Talavera Ceramic Lamps
Talavera Ceramic Lizards
Talavera Ceramic Murals
Talavera Ceramic Planters
Talavera Ceramic Platters
Talavera Ceramic Pots
Talavera Ceramic Sinks
Talavera Ceramic Soap Containers
Talavera Ceramic Soap Dishes
Talavera Ceramic Sunfaces
Talavera Ceramic Switch Plates
Talavera Ceramic Tiles
Talavera Flower Vases
Talavera Tibors
Talavera Tile House Numbers
Talavera Tin Mirrors
Talavera Toothbrush Holders
Wrought Iron House Number Frames
Wrought Iron Lamps
Wrought Iron Mirrors


Art In Copper
Bathroom Copper Sink
Bathroom Sink Drain
Bathroom Sink Faucet
Bathtub Drain
Bathtub Faucet
Carved Wood Mask
Carved Wood Sunface
Clay Saltillo Tile
Clay Talavera Trim
Copper Bathtub
Copper Bowl
Copper Tray
Copper Vase
Day Of The Dead Clay Tile
Glass Vessel Basin
Hammered Copper Mirror
Hammered Copper Plate
Hammered Copper Sunface
Hammered Copper Switchplate
Hammered Copper Table
Hammered Copper Tile
House Numbers Frame
Kitchen Copper Sink
Kitchen Sink Air Gap
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Kitchen Sink Flange
Kitchen Sink Strainer
Mexican Oil Painting
Shower Drain Grid
Shower Head
Talavera Ceramic Bathroom Set
Talavera Ceramic Butterfly
Talavera Ceramic Candle Holder
Talavera Ceramic Flower Vase
Talavera Ceramic House Number
Talavera Ceramic House Plaque
Talavera Ceramic Lamp
Talavera Ceramic Lizard
Talavera Ceramic Mural
Talavera Ceramic Planter
Talavera Ceramic Platter
Talavera Ceramic Pot
Talavera Ceramic Sink
Talavera Ceramic Soap Container
Talavera Ceramic Soap Dish
Talavera Ceramic Sunface
Talavera Ceramic Switch Plate
Talavera Ceramic Tile
Talavera Ceramic Toothbrush Holder
Talavera Tibor
Talavera Tin Mirror
Tin Mirror
Wrought Iron Mirror
Wrought Iron Wall Lamp

Press Releases

Copper Sink Featured at "Green Homes"
Copper Sinks Showcased at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show
Fine Crafts & Imports Expands Its Product Line To Hammered Copper Arts & Crafts

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Bathroom Accessories
Copper Accents
Garden Home
Hammered Copper
Home Decor
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