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Copper Sink Featured at "Green Homes"

Camarillo, CA September 29, 2011 (PRBuzz).Fine Crafts & Imports an online retailer of Mexican home decor, including copper sinks, Mexican tile and copper bath tubs among other items announced its participation in a "Green Homes" project. According to its president, copper sinks are making a comeback among high-end Spanish style homes and are being featured in magazines all around the country, specially the ones "green-oriented" as Green Homes Lake Of The Ozarks ( where the company Fine Crafts & Imports donated a hammered kitchen copper sink.

Copper has become a precious metal because of its many characteristics. Among others, the most important one for kitchen copper sinks is that bacteria can't live on it (see:, so it is no surprise that copper sinks would also be considered more valuable. Copper sinks are becoming a focal point on many kitchens because their bold presence and the unique charm that identifies each one of them.

While the price of copper has caused a spike in the price of copper products, the price on sinks at FCI has not increased. This is because they get their products directly from the artisans back in Mexico.

About Fine Crafts & Imports

Cortes Deco, Inc., DBA Fine Crafts & Imports is a leading importer of Mexican copper sinks, copper bathtubs, copper switch plates and a wide range of mission accessories for your Old World, Southwestern, Mission and Spanish style home.

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